Iron Will Games

Iron Will Games was formed in 2004 by a group of industry veterans who were tired of the crunch and grind of today's corporate game industry.

Bio's of the founders of Iron Will Games:

Doug Gesler - Before founding Iron Will Games, Doug was a co-founder of Asylumsoft and an original developer of the game Dransik,which later became Ashen Empires.  Prior to entering the game business, Doug earned a degree in Computer Science at Bowling Green State University, and served as MIS Director for a major automotive supplier.

Bill Money - Bill began his game career at Looking Glass as QA Lead for the Macintosh version of System Shock.  He then developed and managed the QA and CS departments to support the PC version of Flight Unlimited. Bill joined Sierra/Dynamix as the Project Leader and Designer for the Front Page Sports: Baseball series and also created the award winning, Driver's Education, a 3D educational driving simulator. He then produced the online multiplayer game Fireteam and designed the voice chat program, FireTalk, for Multitude.  Bill moved to GlassEye where he produced, designed and programmed the PC title, Microsoft Casino. Later while at Ion Storm, Bill produced Deus Ex: Invisible War for the Xbox and PC and was the Project Leader and Designer of Deus Ex for the Playstation2.  Before starting Iron Will Games Bill was employed as the Lead Technical Designer for TKO Software's MMORPG, Ashen Empires.

Denis Loubet- With over 25 years of experience, Denis is one of the most respected artists in both the paper and computer game industry.  His art has been featured in over 25 published paper games, modules, and supplements for Steve Jackson Games, Iron Crown, and Hero Games.  In ten years as Senior Artist for Origin, Denis created cover art, 3D cinematics, tile graphics, animations and concept art for over 30 games, including Ultima III-IX, Ultima Online, Ultima Underworld, the Wing Commander series and Crusader. After leaving Origin, Denis created art forgames from Illusion Machines, Ion Storm, Daylight Productions, Asylumsoft and TKO. Before co-founding Iron Will Games, Denis spent time developing concept and box art for Steve Jackson Games.

David Reese - David began his game career in 1994 at Origin as a game tester for Wing Commander III. He moved into his first programming role on the unreleased game, Technosaur. Later, as a senior programmer at Multitude, he helped create Fireteam, a first-of-its-kind, massively multi-player combat action game that featured over-the-Internet voice communication. After a stint in the corporate business world, David returned to the game industry as a senior programmer for Ion Storm's XBox and PC title, Deus Ex: Invisible War. Before founding Iron Will Games, David took on the role of Vice President of Product Development for TKO Software, heading up the Austin development team.

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