Donate to Iron Will Games

Iron Will Games is a small game development studio with big plans for the Ashen Empires Online Role-Playing Game.

User donations will help us keep the game running and operational. We will also use all donations to help pay for added bandwidth and new hardware that will help to continually improve the Ashen Empires game service.

There are several ways to donate to Iron Will Games. If you wish to donate by check or money order you may send the donation to the address below:

Make Checks Payable To:
Iron Will Games
8711 Burnet Road
Suite A-16
Austin, TX 78757

If you wish to donate by credit card or with Paypal, simply click the button below to be taken to the secure Paypal site.

Donating to Iron Will Games for the development of Ashen Empires is purely voluntary. A donation will not effect your account standing, account balance or in-game character in any way. Donations will NOT be used towards your account balance.

Thank you for your donation and for being a part of the Iron Will Games and Ashen Empires family.

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