JANUARY 31, 2005

Greetings Players of Ashen Empires!
It's a very exciting time to be a part of the Ashen Empires Community. Players have returned to the game in record numbers. The world of Ashen Empires is vibrant and alive.

We wanted to take a minute to share with you some of the new upcoming additions to the game that we feel are extremely exciting.

The "Gonzo" Release
The much anticipated major update to Ashen Empires is just around the corner.

This update will feature an all-new character paperdoll system which will allow for over twice the number of wearable items. New items will include; boots, rings, capes, jewelry and more. In all, this update, will more than triple the number of items to find, wear, wield and use in the game.

Gonzo also will include new creature AI. Creatures will be able to cast spells and hurl projectiles, creating a challenge for even the heartiest players. In addition, scores of new "boss" monsters have been added. Several of these creatures will require entire guilds to defeat. The rewards will be great, but so will the risk!

The update will also add a mysterious island, inhabited by a race of were-creatures that has long been considered extinct. An underground land inhabited by a race of strange fungoid people has also been discovered. Battles across these new lands will be fierce, but we are confident that the players of Ashen Empires are ready for the challenge!

Chaos Server
The next server introduced for play will be the Chaos Server. The Chaos Server is a PvP tournament server that will determine who is the best of the best of the Ashen Empires community. Players will compete in a world with accelerated experience reward, plentiful magic drops and permanent character death to determine who reigns supreme.

Winners of month long Chaos Server tournaments will be eligible for exciting prizes and will be immortalized on the Ashen Empires web site.

Talazar's Revenge, The First Ashen Empires Expansion Pack
Iron Will Games has teamed with Pixel Mine Productions to create the first Ashen Empires Expansion Pack, Talazar's Revenge.

Talazar's Revenge will feature striking new areas to discover, powerful new monsters, new quests, new towns, a wide array of new items and weapons, new crafting recipes and many other gameplay enhancements.

Pixel Mine Productions is a development studio comprised of former developers of Ashen Empires, including former Lead Designer Bruce Adams and former Lead Environmental Artist Matt Sheffield.

Talazar's Revenge will be available in the Spring of 2005.

Get Started Today!
If you want to get started, you can download Ashen Empires for free today! Simply click here to start your journey. New players can enjoy a 7-day risk free trial period.

Former players can log into their accounts by clicking here.

We hope to see you online soon!

The Staff of Iron Will Games

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